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Floating Dock
2012.01.11 06:08

Floating Dock, 5,000T, Japan

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Condition Pre-Owned
Built Year Apr 12, 1994
Builder Japan
Capacity(DWT, GRT, etc.) 5000T
Location Japan
Price(USD) $ 4¸000¸000~$ 5¸000¸000
Length x Breadth x Depth x Draft 52 x 35 x 28 x 3.8
Contact Tel - -
Ship type:         floating dock
Built:                1994, Japan
Max loading:    5000t
LOA:               52.0m
Beam:              35.0m
Inside breadth: 28.0m
Draft:               3.8m
Max draft:        18.0m
Winch:             12t/4units
Anchor:            5t/8units
G/E:                 180kva x 2 units
A/E:                 60kva
Boom:              35m
Height of working deck:      4.1m
Ballast pump: 1000m3/h x 37kw x 4units
IHI JIB Crane:    4.5t/12t x 35m x 2 units
Delivery:         Apr,2010 onwards, Japan
Price:               USD 4.1MILL

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